Georgiy Evgenyevich Pukhov

Georgiy Evgenyevich PukhovThe foundator of the Institute, Georgiy Evgenyevich Pukhov, well-known scientist in the field of theoretical electrical engineering, power, mathematical simulation and computer science, was born at August 23, 1916 in Sarapul (Udmurtia). He graduated Tomsk Industrial Institute with merit (1940) and was enlisted into post-graduate course at the electronic circuits and systems department. The course was interrupted with the military service during Patriotic war. After hard injury in Moscow battle 1942 he came back to post-graduate course, successfully defended a thesis (1944). Since that time he took part in training engineers and in solving scientific engineering problems for national economy restoration.

Fourty years (since 1958) of G.E.Pukhovs creative and scientific organization work are associated with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. G.E.Pukhov gave up much energy for science organization and propaganda as the director of the Institute of Modelling Problems in Power Engineering which he created (1981-1988), as the academician-secretary of the physical-technical power problems department of NASU (1978-1988). G.E.Pukhov has elaborated theoretical basis of diacoptic methods for nonlinear systems analysis and synthesis, formulated quasianalogy principle and developed the theory of quasianalog simulation. G.E.Pukhov was one of creators of modern electrical engineering and the recognized head of scientific school of electronic simulation. He is the author of more than 600 scientific works, 29 monographs, 150 certificates for invention. In 50 years of pedagogical work G.E.Pukhov has trained more than 30 Doctors of Sciences and 160 Candidates of Sciences. G.E.Pukhov carried an active scientific pedagogical work up to the last day of his life. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the International scientific technical journal Electronnoe modelirovanie which he founded at 1979, he was the chairman of the Scientific Board of NASU on the complex problem Theoretical electrotechnics and simulation, a member of special boards for doctor and candidate thesis defence.

The contribution of G.E.Pukhov, academician of NASU, into science development is highly appreciated: he was awarded with the State Prize of the Ukraine in the field of science and technics, S.O.Lebedev Award of NASU, Honoured Scientist of the Ukraine, he was awarded with many orders and medals.

Georgiy Evgenyevich Pukhov died at August 3, 1998.