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Vasily V. Aristov is scientific worker of the Pukhov Institute for Modelling  in Energy Engineering of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. He was born on September 17, 1941. After graduation from Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (in 1963) he worked three years at Physical-Technical  Institute and in 1970 graduated post-graduate course at V.M. Glushkov Cybernetics Institute of the NAS of Ukraine. He is the Chief of Laboratory Integral-Algorithmic Means of Simulation of the Pukhov Institute for Modelling  in Energy Engineering of UNAS since 1981 and up till now.

In 1967-1975, the scientific activity of V.V.Aristov was aimed at development of the theory hybrid computations and designing combined system for simulation different complex dynamic objects. The main obtained results are systematized in the monograph entitled "Automation combined systems for Simulations".  Starting from 1972 and up till now, his scientific interests and research activities are directed to creation theory of the equivalent conversion iterative algorithms and to develop new methods of synthesis of high-performance computers and systems for real time.

Results of his investigations are:

Create and development of the theory of integral-algorithmic transformations of iteration procedures, i.e. numerical integration of the sets of differential equations, multi-dimentional functional transformations, including synthesis of optimal algorithms and hardware for the real-time systems.

Development of methods for formalized synthesis of architectures of  high-efficient processors, co-processors, transputers and  additional (expansion) blocks for executing mathematical and functional macro-operations with an arbitrary number of digits in operands.

The theory of analog and analog-digital calculations for the real-time systems, synthesis of a new class of the universal analog-digital transputer kind set of basic elements (cotruter), as well as special purpose microprocessors and systems for the simulating and controlling.

The theory and realization of signed-digit coding, including syntheses of super fast operational devices based on non-autonomous, pipeline and matrix algorithms.

Elaboration of the established upon the offered canonical transfer function basics theory of analysis and syntheses of iteration processes.

Elaboration of the generalized theory of generating (formation ) functional macro-operations according the Volder-Meggitte method.

Development of a new original integral-algorithmic method of generating functional macro-operations and elaboration of its generalized theory.

The integral-algorithmic method of synthesis of high-efficient calculating means for realization of functional macro-operations has been offered.

Great number of different variants of hardware and micro-programming realizations of functional macro-operations in the terms of different purpose processors and co-processors (universal, specialized, problem-oriented, with different principles of operating: matrix, register, pipeline, table-algorithmic, non-autonomous and other) have been designed.

The object-oriented MS WindowsR CAD system for designing processor devices with the signed-digit processing of operands, beginning from the higher digits, was developed and have being realized.

The main theoretical results of the scientific investigations performed in this direction are presented in more 150 publications, including 40 inventions and 5 monographs, such as:

  • V.V. Aristov, “Integral-algorithmic computations”- Kiev. «Naukova Dumka» 1980. - 192 p.;
  • A. I. Axenov, V. V. Aristov, V.P. Boyun and others, "Problem-oriented and specialized means of information processing". V. 5- Kiev. «Naukova Dumka», 1990. - 504p.;
  • V.V. Aristov, “Functional macro-operations: foundations of iterative algorithms”- Kiev. «Naukova Dumka» 1992. - 280 p.
  • Vasily V. Aristov is the member of several research and scientific Boards, including the scientific-expert Board of Ministry of Science and Technology of Ukraine, the Member of the editorial board of international scientific journal “Electronic Simulation” and etc.