Information technologies for monitoring and control of the nuclear fuel cycle

Division Director: Lysychenko  Georgiy V.  

Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences

tel. 0(44) 424-00-60 E-mail:

Research and Development Directions:

        1) Information systems of nuclear, radiation and environmental


        2) Simulation and risk assessment of emergency situations of

        natural and manmade

        3) Geophysical monitoring and non-destructive monitoring of the

        safety of hydropower and hydraulic structures, objects

        4) The use of geographic information systems for management

        operation of energy facilities



Simulation of energy efficiency and conservation

Division Director: Pleskach Boris

tel. (067)-901-03-34;

Research and Development Directions:

1) Simulation of energy consumption at industrial, agricultural and housing complex.
2) Research and development of methods and tools for evaluating energy efficiency.
3) Development of methods and means of improving the energy efficiency of enterprises.



     Department of energy-efficient technologies

Division Director:  Ogir Elena.

Higher Education of NAU. Junior Researcher IPME.  Chief Marketing Office LLC Center of Energy Efficient Construction


Big experience in implementing projects with modern prefabricated construction technology in Ukraine (Slovenia). Took part to more than 15 realized energy-efficient projects in Ukraine.


 tel. 050-4433344;  E-mail:


Research and Development Directions:

       1) Projecting and construction of new energy efficient and passive


       2) Complete reconstruction of facilities in order to optimize         

       energy consumption

       3) Alternative energy sources



R&D Division for The Big Data Use and Safety in the Cloud Infrastructure

Division Director: Khramova Iryna, Phd, Senior Researcher

Mission: Research of the Big Data and Data Mining in conjunction with Cloud Infrastructure innovative technologies application possibilities and challenges for implementing in various technical, ecological and social spheres of human's safe living environment.

Research and Development Directions:

       1) The Big Data Analysis for Emergency (Critical) State Prognosis and Diagnostics

       2) The Big Data for Virtual Expert Community Decision Support

       3) The Big Data Safe Migration and Use in the Cloud Infrastructure




Big Data Technologies and Information Security in Medical Insurance Department

Division Director: Dmytro Sharadkin, PhD.


Research and Development Directions:

        1) Information interchange technology in cloud infrastructures

        2) IT-methods of the personal data protection

        3) Technologies of virtual consultations.


Department of Grid computing

Division Director: Davydenko Anatolii, Deputy director for research work Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering, head of division of theoretical simulaton Senior Researcher, PhD,


tel.: +38(044)424-91-63, +380872505314 



Research and Development Directions:

       1) Supporting research in the field of mathematical and computer modeling of complex technological processes, including energy

       2) Creation Grid services

       3) Grid training for users