100th anniversary of the birth of Academician  NASc of Ukraine Georgiy Evgenievich  Pukhov and 35 anniversary of the founding of  Pukhov  Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of  Ukraine





 (May, 25-27, 2016, Kiev)


The Fifth International Scientific Conference Simulation-2016 will be held in May 25-27, 2016 at Pukhov  Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of  Ukraine, Kiev. The Conference devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Academician  NASc of Ukraine Georgiy Evgenievich  Pukhov and 35 anniversary of the founding of  Pukhov  Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of  Ukraine. The conference  discuss  the modern problems   of mathematical modeling and computer simulation.

Institute founder   Georgiy Evgenievich  Pukhov, a famous scientist in theoretical electrical engineering, energy engineering, mathematical modeling and computer engineering. G.E. Pukhov developed the theoretical basis of the diacoptic methods  in electrical engineering and modeling, the theory of operational methods of analysis and synthesis of nonlinear systems,  formulated the principle of quasi analogies and developed the theory of quasi-analog simulation. G.E. Pukhov was one of the creators of modern electrical engineering and the recognized head of the scientific school of electronic simulation. He is the author of over 600 scientific papers, 29 monographs, 150 certificates for inventions.


The main objective of the Institute is the development of fundamental  and applied researches  in the field of physical-technical problems of energy engineering. The Institute carries out researches in the field of dynamical systems modeling, provides capacity expansion and improving the efficiency of methods and means of mathematical modeling. Using the hybrid model theory for problems of the dynamics of processes occurring quickly allows to create the new principles of specialized pipeline diagnostic tools and algorithms for numerical simulation of dynamics problems. Many of the results of scientific research of the Institute are implemented and continue to be implemented in different fields  of the national economy: energy engineering, oil and gas industry, instrument making, mechanical engineering, electronics industry, etc.

Organized by

Pukhov  Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of  Ukraine
Kaliaev Scientific and Research Institute of multiprocessor computer systems  of South Federal University, Russia
Lviv National Technical University, Ukraine

Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, NASc of Ukraine
National Aviation University of Ukraine

Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
Institute of Electrodynamics NASc of Ukraine

Institute for Information Recording NASc of Ukraine

Szczecin Technical University, Poland

Institute of Special Communication and Information Security of NTUU KPI
Tashkent State Technical University, Uzbekistan

USTAR company, Ukraine

Energy Service company PATRIOT-NRG






Victor Yevdokimov, committee cochairman (Ukraine)

Vladimir Mokhor, committee cochairman (Ukraine)

Aleksey Makarov (Russia)

Alexander Katkov (Poland)

Alexander Kirilenko (Ukraine)

Alexander Palagin (Ukarine)

Anatoliy Shidlovskiy (Ukraine)

Anatoliy Verlan (Ukraine)

Antoniy Vilinski (Poland)

Boris Stogniy (Ukraine)

Evelina Semagina (Ukraine)

Igor Kaliaev (Russia)

Igor  Zhukov (Ukraine)

Ludmila Massel (Russia)

Michael Resch (Germany)

Miraziz Sagatov (Uzbekistan)


Petr Stakhiv (Ukraine)

Sergey Saukh (Ukraine)

Stanislaw Osowski (Poland)

Stepan Vynnychuk (Ukraine)

Tadeusz Kaczorek (Poland)

Vadrevu Sree Hari Rao (India)

Valeriy Gnedenko (Russia)

Vasiliy Aristov (Ukraine)

Viacheslav Petrov (Ukraine)

Victor Samoylov (Ukraine)

Vladimir Sviatnyy (Ukraine)

Vladimir Tarasenko (Ukraine)

Wlodzimierz Bielecki (Poland)

Zelim Borukayev (Ukraine)


The purpose of the conference is strengthening and development of scientific and technical collaboration of specialists in area of mathematical modeling and computer simulation in different branches of science, technique, industry and economy.

The conference tasks:

The following topics will be presented in the conference:

Conference program includes plenary reports by the leading scientists in the field of modeling and section reports on the thematic areas of the conference. Conference languages are English, Ukrainian, Russian. The Conference Proceedings will be published  before the conference.

The rules of design and a paper template for MS WORD is on the conference website. Organizing Committee will accept papers of up to 4 pages which are designed in accordance with the requirements and are submitted in PDF. The application form and the text of the paper in electronic form have to be sent by e-mail to the Organizing Committee not later than April 15, 2016.


Preliminary registration, text of a paper

April  15, 2016

Notification of acceptance

April  30, 2016

The Conference fee payment

May 10, 2016

The Conference Start

May 25, 2016


Registration for the conference is carried out via the website

The conference fee includes a package of conference participant, including the conference proceedings, coffee-breaks, participation in the social program (city-tour, conference dinner and buffet). For the package Visitor are expected the participation in the social program, but the conference materials are not available. The absentee participation fee covers the publication of paper and sending the conference proceedings to the author.

Travel and accommodation are not included in the registration fee, and participants pay their own.

The Conference is held  at   Pukhov  Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of  Ukraine at the address: 15, General Naumov Str., Kiev.



THE CONFERENCE VENUE. The Conference will take place in the capital of Ukraine Kiev is known as an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural centre of Eastern Europe.   

The city has an extensive infrastructure and highly developed system of public transport, including the Kiev Metro.  Kiev is known as a green city with two botanical gardens and numerous large and small parks. The green nature of the city is probably most notable by the green hills of the right bank along the Dnieper River. May in Kiev is the flowering chestnut trees. (Ukrainian:  kashtany).     Kiev has the  most famous historical architecture complexes such as  the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves), which are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


    The Conference is close to the most bright spring holiday Kievs Day that will be conducted in Kiev on May 28-29.



Prof., academician of the NASc of Ukraine Petrov V.V.

Scientist in the field of optoelectronic materials science, information technology, and optical data storage, NAS academician, doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Director of the Institute for Information Recording of NAS of Ukraine.

He is a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the National Informatization Program, member of the Coordination for Information Affairs Council of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, one of the founders and member of the Scientific Council of the National Academy of Sciences "Intelligent Information Technologies", a member of the Bureau of Informatics Division HAHU, a member of the Board of directors of scientific libraries and scientific information centers of the national Academy of Sciences of the International Association of Academies of Sciences.


Prof., academician of the NASc of Ukraine Palagin A.V.

Repeatedly was the scientific director of several public research programs, led by the Council for automation of research activities at the Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, it is a permanent member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the National Informatization Program.

Its activities include the development of scientific and methodological foundations of building information and cognitive support intelligent information systems research in the field of computer technology, the development of knowledge-oriented computer systems and ontological engineering, the development of intelligent networks and information services, computer systems with virtual (reconfigured) architecture, system integration technology research design problems, etc.

Model-Based Optimization methods for operational strategies and layout optimization at the example of  Hybrid Energy Systems

Prof. Oliver Sawodny,

director of the Institute of system dynamics of the Stuttgart University, Honorary Doctor of Donetsk National Technical University.

Research Interests: application oriented research in the field of robotics, nano positioning, control methods for fluid power drive systems and automotive engineering, process industry and systems biology.

Modeling and Simulation of Particulate Processes

Prof. Dr.- Ing. habil. Achim Kienle,

the head of Process Synthesis and Process Dynamics department, head of the department of automated systems and simulation of Magdeburg University, Honorary Doctor of Donetsk National Technical University.

Main Focus: Methods of computer aided modeling, analysis, synthesis and control of complex chemical processes with special emphasis on nonlinear dynamics of chemical processes.



Prof. Marc Baboulin

Professor at University of Paris-Sud (France); Director of the Computer Science Department at Polytech Paris-Sud; Head of research team ParSys at Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique (LRI)

Research Interests:

  • High-performance scientific computing

  • Numerical algorithms and software

  • Public domain libraries in numerical linear algebra


Masha Sosonkina

is a Scientist at SCL Ames Laboratory and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. 

Research interests:

  • High-performance computing and applications

  • Data-intensive scientific computing

  • Very large-scale multicore architectures

  • Distributed and cloud computing

  • Applied software engineering

  • Adaptive algorithm infrastructure

  • Performance and scalability analysis

  • Parallel numerical algorithms


Sergey Saukh

Head of department Modeling in electrical engineering. He is a leading specialist in fundamental research - the theory, methods of construction and analysis of mathematical models and algorithms for simulation of power generation facilities based on the achievements of theoretical electrical engineering and computational methods.

Scientific interests are

  • development of the theory of numerical methods for solving operator differential equations in ordinary and partial derivatives;

  • development of the theory of the energy circuits;

  • development of direct and iterative methods for solving systems of linear algebraic equations of large dimension;

  • development of methods for solving multicriteria optimization problems of large dimension and their application to solving problems of energy systems;

  •  formulation and solution of problems for energy systems modeling.



C.J. Kenneth Tan, Executive Sardina Systems

Entrepreneur with broad experience managing and growing technical ventures and equity investments, operating across Europe, especially Eastern Europe, and Asia. Adept in finance, marketing, sales, technical and business development. In-depth understanding of government, defense, security sectors and associated geo-politics. Interested in early-stage startups, companies with growth opportunities, leveraging outstanding intellectual properties. 


  • Cloud Computing

  • Data center operations

  • Supercomputing

  • High performance technical computing


Dr Alexander Chemeris, Head of Organizing Committee, Scientific Secretary of G.E. Pukhov Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of Ukraine
Tatyana Klimenko, vice-head of Organizing Committee, department Head


Organizing Committee SIMULATION-2016

Pukhov  Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering NASc of  Ukraine
15, General Naumov Str.,
03164, Kiev, Ukraine


Phone: +380 44 4249179, +380 66 6162363, +380 44 4241063
Fax: +380 44 4240586




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